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Packaging : 10kg | 25kg | 50kg — Consumer Pack : 550 g


Packaging : 250g | 500g | 1kg — Consumer Pack


Packaging : 10kg | 15kg | 23kg — Consumer Pack : 550 g


Packaging : 10kg — Consumer Pack : 550 g


Packaging : 400 GR Per Packaging — 6 Packs in One Master Carton (Shipping Carton)


Packaging : 10kg | 15kg | 23kg — Consumer Pack


Packaging : 7kg


Packaging : 5kg | 10kg | 12.5kg | 15kg | 20kg

Our Vision

BAHHER has been focussing on delicious products like nuts, dried fruits and honey since it was founded in 2021 Our vision is to offer our customers and connoisseurs the best of nature in every BAHHER packet. The well-being of our staff, as well as that of our suppliers at the source, is at the heart of our commitment. Thanks to fair and cooperative relationships with our supply partners where our products are grown, we are able to influence sustainable farming methods and the working and living conditions of the local people. We will only be able to guarantee consistent BAHHER quality for our products in the future (for our customers) if we work consciously to preserve resources.


Quality governs our actions and our work at BAHHER. But what exactly goes into the special BAHHER quality? For us it means specifically that we keep a close eye on every product on its way from the source to IRAN. From the cultivation of our raw materials and their transport and processing to our shopping basket, we must ensure that only the very best product makes it into a BAHHER packet for the highest enjoyment.


Transparency in the cultivation of our natural products, in their processing, transport and their refinement here in IRAN, is particularly important to us. An accurate and open view of the supply chain is essential so that we can address and improve sustainability with the producers, transporters and at our own site in IRAN.


There is a bit of nature in every BAHHER packet. That’s why we place particular emphasis, in cooperation with our partners around the globe, on creating good living and working conditions and preserving natural resources during cultivation. This will enable future generations to grow precious food, ensuring a sustainable future for themselves and us.


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